Did you survive a recent assessment or compliance audit and now you’re frantically battening down the hatches to secure the holes in your security program? Or perhaps you just got through the painful process of a security incident or breach and now have the added bonus of senior management breathing down your neck.

If either of these situations sounds familiar, you’re probably drowning in work.

Here’s your life preserver.

38North uses a risk-based approach to help you prioritize and manage remedial efforts. Remediation must be performed within the risk tolerance of your organization — not everything can be done at once. An organization has to carefully balance the value of new controls with any potential impact to business and staff productivity. Remedial measures must address multiple risks to your organization through the adoption of business-enabling technologies. The efficacy of bolstering existing controls versus the cost of new controls must also be evaluated as a part of a comprehensive remediation strategy.

Yeah, it’s a tall order. But we have you covered.

38North provides assistance with the planning, development and implementation of remedial measures as determined by your risk profile. Usually this takes the form of new technologies, policies, plans and procedures and/or security training and awareness sessions. But it can also mean working with what you have by tailoring organizational processes and squeezing a little more out of existing investments.

Regardless of the approach, we provide you with a comprehensive remediation strategy based on your security posture, available resources, budget and organizational risk tolerances.

For assistance in developing a comprehensive remediation strategy for your organization, contact us today!