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Security across the board.

Managing security infrastructure – it’s a massively time-consuming and labor-intensive undertaking for any organization. 38North empowers you to keep pace with your most critical security management tasks, from policy and procedure development to security strategy planning and continuous monitoring.

Our security management offerings assume you’ve laid the foundation for an awesome security program, know your weaknesses and have an actionable compliance plan in place. All too often, great plans are developed to meet a compliance need and then shoved into the cabinet until the next audit. Your organization continually evolves, and your security process should, too. Security is not a one-and-done activity. To ensure success, it needs to be built into all aspects of your organizational process, systems and infrastructure.

38North strongly believes an organization should be able to manage its own information security program. However, everyone needs a little help every once in a while. Our holistic approach to security management combines risk prioritization, workforce education and cutting-edge monitoring technologies to ensure your organization and its infrastructure are secure. We do this through one of the following security management services: