Hand drawing network

38North’s network vulnerability scan uses the following tools:

  • Nessus
  • Qualys
  • Retina

38North’s network vulnerability scan utilizes a comprehensive suite of tools, including Nmap, Zenmap and SuperScan, to identify servers, services and operating systems running on your network. Coordinating with your system and network administrators, our assessment team initiates a scan against connected devices on the network, including computers, systems and network infrastructure. Scans can be performed externally — against devices publicly available on the Internet, internally — against devices located on your organization’s private network — or both.

Once complete, we identify devices on the network that are susceptible to the latest known vulnerabilities, and provide a detailed report that offers insight into the technical nature of identified vulnerabilities, including their location, severity rating and frequency. We also recommend strategies for remediation so you can immediately start securing your network assets.