Social networking and cyber security concept

Vulnerability assessments are designed to give you a better handle on how vulnerable your organization and its system infrastructure are to an attack. Information technologies and supporting personnel are subject to examination — typically through automated scanning — to determine the effectiveness of security measures, identify security deficiencies and confirm the efficacy of remedial measures after implementation.

Understanding your vulnerabilities is a prerequisite for performing a risk assessment and it’s a critical component of risk management. Most vulnerability assessment activities can be automated, so it’s a low-cost yet effective approach to discovering security weaknesses in your organization.

38North’s experienced engineers have conducted vulnerability assessments for a range of industries. We can weed out false positives, report on vulnerability trends unique to your business and break down the complexity of even the most advanced vulnerabilities.

Our diverse set of vulnerability assessment services can be packaged to suit your organization’s unique needs. And each of these scanning services can be performed internally or externally: