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Mitigate Risks

38North’s risk assessment service analyzes the strength and resiliency of your systems and networks so that you can be better prepared for potential threats.

We utilize the latest methodologies and supporting toolsets to measure how well your security controls are performing – whether they are people, processes, or technology – to provide you with a detailed view into your organization’s risk profile, as well as a prioritized list of recommendations for the development and implementation of remedial measures.

What is the purpose of a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is conducted to inform decision makers by identifying:

  • Threats to an organizations or threats directed through organizations against other organizations.
  • Internal and external vulnerabilities.
  • Harm that may occur given the potential for threats exploiting vulnerabilities.
  • The likelihood that harm will occur.

The end result is a determination of your risk — the degree of harm and likelihood of harm occurring.