Tackling Tomorrow’s Challenges Today 

With services that span the cyber security spectrum, 38North secures organizations through disciplined risk management while encouraging them to think strategically about a changing and challenging world.

Our approach starts with an understanding of your unique strategic context, organizational goals, risks, and regulatory profile. We then provide a roadmap for securing your information and infrastructure — today and well into the future.

Our services are tailored to your information security needs in any or all of these areas:


We create security plans by identifying gaps in your security posture, determining potential threat scenarios based on your risk profile, integrating the plan into your organization, and educating your workforce on how to respond to security incidents in a timely manner.


Understanding the strength and resiliency of your systems and network infrastructure if an attack occurs is achieved through assessment. Using the latest methodologies and supporting toolsets, we measure how well your security controls are performing — whether they are people, processes, or technology — so you get the most out of your assessment.


You want to achieve and maintain compliance in the shortest time possible with minimal impact to your organization and personnel. It’s a challenge, but one we relish. We take the complexity out of regulatory standards and offer fresh ideas for clearing your compliance hurdles, as well as affordable solutions for remediating noncompliant areas.


Managing security infrastructure can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, no matter your organization’s size. We show you how to keep pace with security management activities by prioritizing efforts based on your risk profile, educating your workforce, and deploying cutting-edge technology to monitor your systems and infrastructure.