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Fortune 500 companies. Healthcare and financial organizations. National critical infrastructure. The federal government. 38North Security supports the world’s most complex organizations in assessing risk, confronting threats, and preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.

38North Security is a boutique cyber security firm that provides tailored solutions that transcend traditional security thinking. Our approach to predictive risk management is based on more than 20 years of cyber security experience and takes into account your unique strategic context. We assess global trends, market forces, and sector-specific risks to ensure the safety of your information now and for years to come.

Our Team

We aren’t your average cyber security consultants. We’re versatile, sophisticated engineers who move seamlessly between Fortune 500 board rooms and security operations centers. We dissect zero day attacks. We’re strategic thinkers, keen listeners, authors, and experts in our field.

We are a diverse lot, but we share one commonality: an obsession for securing your data.

We are extremely vigilant about who represents 38North; our cyber security specialists have been hand-selected as some of the best in the field. Their caliber of expertise is comparable to those at the Big Four companies, while their commitment to protecting your organization sets them apart from their contemporaries. Each of our certified information security experts has been thoroughly vetted to ensure a mastery of their profession, commitment to quality, and commitment to customer service.

Their collective integrity comprises the core of our company, and it’s the reason for our success.

Our Commitment

No one enjoys spending money on information security. It’s something that every organization needs, but few actually delegate resources to it. Competing interests between stakeholders often result in a paltry security budget, or no budget at all.

At 38North, we’re accustomed to tight budgets and other organizational challenges. We know your resources are scarce, so we maximize value across the board while bolstering your security posture and delivering risk-driven results.

Our solutions address weaknesses that pose legitimate risks to your organization. We don’t let the latest headline, gadget, or vendor technology guide our recommendations. Cookie-cutter solutions aren’t our style. Instead, we utilize solutions that address your specific risks, which we identify through an organizational risk profile and a comprehensive understanding of your business.

Your risks are unique to your organization — your security solutions should be, too.